November will bring colder days in the Czech Republic

The weather in the Czech Republic will be warmer than the previous days until the end of October, but it will start to cool down slowly from the beginning of November. The next four weeks are expected to be average in temperature. Meteorologists also expect more precipitation in the last week of October. 

In the last two weeks, temperatures have been below average, but the next 14 days should be around the typical values for this period. “Temperatures will gradually decrease in early November, and temperatures below the long-term normal are expected in the last forecast week,” meteorologists said.

From October 25 to October 31, morning temperatures are expected to be around four degrees, with afternoon temperatures around thirteen degrees. From November 1 to November 7, morning highs will have an average temperature of roughly two degrees, while afternoon highs will be around nine. From November 8 to November 14, morning average temperatures should reach around zero for the first time, with afternoon temperatures around six degrees.

The long-term average temperature in the country between October 18 and November 14 is 6.9 degrees Celsius. The warmest year in the Czech Republic was 2018 when the average temperature during this period reached 9.6 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, in 1946, the average temperature dropped to 3.1 degrees, the lowest ever experienced in the Czech Republic during these days of the year.

“The relatively dry weather that has accompanied us for the past few weeks will continue this week. Slightly more rainfall is expected in the last week of October, ” according to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) Monday long-term weather forecast. The first half of November will bring rainfall close to normal levels for this time of year. The long-term average rainfall for this period is 42 millimeters.