Officer of the Czech Intelligence Service Caught Selling Information to the President’s Office

Martin Kropík, a member of the Czech Intelligence Service’s (BIS) special counterintelligence section, has been stripped of his security clearance and terminated from his employment for passing confidential information to the President’s Office during the tenure of former President Miloš Zeman.

Kropík was caught meeting with Jiří Rome, a former BIS employee who now works in the President’s Office, and disclosing sensitive information about BIS’s operations, including how to detect intelligence-gathering devices, according to Aktuálně.

Kropík was found to have breached his duty of confidentiality and trust by disclosing classified information to an unauthorized individual. He repeatedly met with Rome and denied his wrongdoing when questioned by BIS.

Kropík worked in the technical activities of counterintelligence, such as security checks of areas used or monitored by the service. On the other hand, Rome served as a top analyst for BIS for almost 30 years before moving to the President’s Office, where he now works.

The leak of classified information from BIS to the President’s Office is currently under investigation for possible violations of the law governing the protection of classified information. The investigation is being conducted by BIS’s inspection department under the supervision of the Prague High Public Prosecutor’s Office. The case is ongoing, and no further details have been released.