Olma recalls milk in PET bottles that may be contaminated

Mléko Olma

Olma recalls fresh milk in PET bottles with an expiry date of 26-30 October due to microbial contamination. The milk may cause digestive problems.

“The contamination is not widespread and massive, but the milk can spoil even if kept in the correct storage conditions and is therefore not recommended for consumption,” the company said. People can recognize spoiled milk by its typical characteristics: it has a different taste and smell.

Lidl, for example, has already withdrawn three types of Pilos milk produced for it by Olma from its stores. The recalled products are “Pilos” Fresh Milk 1.5% 1 l, “Pilos” Honest Milk 3.5% 1 l, and “Pilos” Organic Fresh Milk 1 l with an expiry date of 26-30 October 2021.

If people have the milk at home, they can return it at the stores. It is also possible to claim it directly at Olma. Just take a photo of the bottle with the expiry date.

According to the company, the contamination was caused by a technical malfunction at one of the facilities. Olma is one of the largest milk processors in the Czech Republic and belongs to the Agrofert group.