Online Advertising Expenses in Czech Republic Reach Record High of 57 Billion CZK in 2022

Last year, expenses for online advertising in the Czech Republic increased by 18% to a record-breaking 56.8 billion Czech crowns, according to the Association for Internet Development (SPIR). This figure represents a combination of net and listed prices, and when recalculated to listed prices, it amounts to 117.7 billion crowns.

This makes online advertising the most potent medium in advertising expenditure, outpacing all other media types. SPIR predicts that expenses for online advertising will continue to grow by around 7% this year to 60.8 billion crowns.

Display advertising saw the highest increase in advertising performance, rising by 23%, followed by search advertising with a 9% year-on-year increase. Programmatic purchases of display advertising increased by 35% when looking at trading methods for advertising space. Display advertising refers to banners on content networks, websites, and social media.

SPIR Executive Chairman Michal Hanák stated that it is positive that online advertising continues to thrive as an advertising channel even during a global economic recession. The online environment offers the most accurate targeting of advertising campaigns, immediate optimization possibilities, and real-time insight into the effectiveness of resources utilized.

While other media types report their results in listed prices, online advertising’s volume comprises listed and net prices. To enable comparison with different media types, SPIR adjusted its research methodology in 2021 to calculate the total online performance based on listed prices.

The shift reveals that online advertising has a volume of almost 118 billion Czech crowns, which confirms its position as the most potent medium for advertising. Last year’s data on television, radio, print, and outdoor advertising are not yet available, but advertisers invested 64 billion crowns in listed prices in television advertising in 2021.