Over One Million Foreigners Living in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic recorded over one million foreigners living in the country with a legal stay of more than 90 days. According to a report presented to the government, the number of foreigners increased by 69 percent year-on-year, mainly due to a refugee wave from Ukraine.

Of the total number, 30 percent of foreigners were permanent residents, 31 percent were temporary residents, and 39 percent had temporary protection. The report showed that 80 percent of foreigners with legal residency were citizens of third countries, mainly from Ukraine, Vietnam, and Russia.

Out of the total number of foreigners, 227,348 were citizens of the European Union. Among them, Slovaks were the largest group, forming the second-largest group of foreigners with registered residence in the Czech Republic after Ukrainians.

The increase in the number of foreigners in the country has raised questions regarding social integration and providing services to newcomers. While the country has welcomed foreigners, the surge has strained public services such as healthcare and education.

The government is working on various policies and initiatives to integrate foreigners into society and provide them with access to essential services. The report suggests that the government needs to focus on the needs of third-country national residents, including providing language courses, employment opportunities, and access to social services.

Despite the challenges, the influx of foreigners has also created new business opportunities in the country. The growing demand for goods and services from foreigners has increased entrepreneurship and investment, contributing to the economy’s growth.