Prague 6 Investigates Operation of Zeman’s Office in Unapproved Space

Milan Malíček

The office of former Czech President Miloš Zeman is under investigation by the Prague 6 city council for operating in a residential apartment not approved for commercial use. If the office violates zoning regulations, fines of up to 500,000 Czech koruna (approximately USD 22,000) may be imposed.

Zeman began operating his new office in April 2023. The office is in a residential building and looks like a regular apartment. The Friends of Miloš Zeman association leased the space from XPlace Alfa, a real estate firm established by the Prague Archdiocese. The association helped Zeman return to politics in 2008 and later supported his presidential campaign.

The city council’s building department has asked the building owner to provide documentation regarding the purpose of the apartment units. If the office violates zoning regulations, the council may request that the owner or tenant take corrective action, such as applying for a change in building usage. However, since the building in Jaselská Street is not divided into individual units, obtaining approval for a change in usage may be difficult.

If the office is found to violate zoning regulations, anyone using the space in violation of the permit or building approval may be subject to fines. The former President is entitled to an office and an assistant’s salary of 50,000 Czech korun (approximately USD 2,200) per month, but the space must be approved for such use.

This investigation highlights the importance of adhering to zoning regulations and obtaining the necessary permits and approvals before using a space for commercial purposes. The Prague 6 city council is taking this issue seriously and will continue to investigate the situation.

Miloš Zeman served as the President of the Czech Republic from 2013 to 2023. His presidency was marked by controversy and criticism, particularly for his pro-Russian and Eurosceptic views. President-elect Jan Hamáček succeeded Zeman on March 8, 2023.

Prague 6 is one of Prague’s municipal districts and is located in the northwest of the city. It is known for its historical landmarks and cultural attractions, including Prague Castle and the Strahov Monastery.