Packages From China Will Be Tax-Free For a Few More Weeks

People who order cheap packages from outside the EU, especially from China, can expect low taxation at least for the next few weeks. Customers will avoid paying VAT and customs procedures, which will make small packages worth up to 22 euros (560 crowns) significantly more expensive in the foreseeable future.

The amendment to the VAT, which was to enter into force on the 1st of July, has not yet been delivered from the Chamber of Deputies to the Senate. According to Senate spokesman Sue Nguyen, the upper house will probably not address the norm even at its next meeting, which begins on July 1st.

The senators could deal with the amendment only at their next meeting, which, according to Nguyen, has not yet been convened, but could take place in the second half of July. After approval by the Senate, the law must still be signed by President Miloš Zeman.

Low-value packages are currently undergoing a simple customs procedure, which is provided by the postal operator or carrier. The recipient does not have to deal with practically anything and the ordered goods are delivered directly to the customer. Newly, customers will have to submit an electronic declaration, although the duty is paid for shipments over 150 euros (3815 crowns).