People Come Together For A Neighborhood Feast At Prague Castle


On Monday afternoon, people gathered for a neighborhood feast in the courtyard of Prague Castle. The Piana organized the event na ulici association, which set up a table in the shape of a heart around the St. Vitus Cathedral. President Petr Pavel also joined in on the festivities.

The event, called “Stůl kolem katedrály” (Table around the cathedral), was open to anyone who wanted to attend. “We set up tables, white tablecloths, meadow flowers, and people just have to bring something, like a musical instrument or pastries, and be together,” said one of the organizers, Ondřej Kobza.

The 400-meter-long table started filling up around 5 PM and remained open until 10 PM when the castle area closed. There was no official program, and visitors could eat, chat, sing, and dance with the live music.

The event aimed to create a sense of community and unity in the Prague Castle area, which has recently become more open to the public. “We see the neighborhood feast as another symbolic step towards greater openness of this historically significant place,” said Jana Vohralíková, the director of the Office of the President.

A similar event occurred three years ago when the association set up a table that connected the banks of the Vltava River via the Charles Bridge. The table surrounded the St. Vitus Cathedral this time, forming a symbolic heart shape.

Attendees praised the opportunity to gather in the President’s residence and the friendly atmosphere. “I like that this can happen right here at the castle. Nothing like this was possible not long ago,” said one of the visitors.

“It’s a great idea, I like it, and many people are participating,” said another visitor who brought wine, sandwiches, and strudel to the feast.

And they were in for a treat as President Petr Pavel walked along the table, greeting people and even tasting the offered beer and pastries.

If the event were to repeat in the future, the President would not object: “It would be beautiful. I think we can establish more traditions here. Recently, we had a children’s day, which used to be called Hrad patří dětem (The Castle Belongs to Children). That’s one of the things I like, and this social gathering also seems beautiful,” he said.