People will pay extra for mobile services with Vodafone

From Sunday, Vodafone customers will pay extra for mobile services. As the operator announced, rising energy prices and other expenses have increased the prices of flat rates. The higher fees apply to both business and non-business customers.

Prices for flat-rate mobile services have increased by an average of nine percent. In practice, this means that people will now pay CZK 652 for a tariff that previously cost CZK 599. The new price lists are effective beginning with the next billing period, which begins on or after Sunday, February 26.

If people have more services from Vodafone, they will naturally be affected more by the price increase.

However, the operator has advised them on how to save money. “By combining services with Vodafone, customers can save significantly: if they choose fixed internet, mobile services, and a TV offer from Vodafone, they will receive a price advantage of up to CZK 700 per month for this package,” said Kateřina Šantorová from Vodafone’s press department.

People who are already using the discounted service packages will, of course, see the price increase. The pricing for prepaid cards, existing fixed internet tariffs, or the Vodafone TV service has not changed.

Vodafone justifies the price increase primarily by pointing out that not only have energy prices risen significantly in the last year, but so have other expenses, such as network maintenance costs. The volume of mobile data transferred on Vodafone’s networks increased by 40 percent year-on-year.

“We have managed to mitigate the impact of higher costs on customers by buying energy smartly and ahead of time to keep the cost as low as possible. We have also improved our internal efficiency. However, we do not want any cost-saving measures to come at the expense of the quality of the services we provide, which is why we will increase the prices of flat-rate mobile services,” said Petr Dvořák, Vodafone’s CEO, commenting on the new prices.