Petition Raises Awareness of Unnecessary Barriers in City

A new petition is bringing attention to unnecessary barriers hindering public movement. The issue of accessibility affects everyone, not just individuals with disabilities but also parents with strollers, older people, and those who are injured. The authors of the petition are calling for the elimination of these barriers.

The petition was initiated by Ivana Antalová (Pirates), councilor for social affairs and accessibility in Prague 1, Emilija Rónová, chair of the Commission for Accessibility in Prague 1, and Aneta Ečeková Maršálková (STAN), member of the City Council Commission for Pedestrians and Accessibility, was released in late June. The document emphasizes respecting human rights and improving accessibility in public spaces.

In particular, the petition calls for removing barriers in public buildings and facilities such as schools, government offices, hospitals, museums, theaters, libraries, churches, and sports arenas. This includes entrances, sidewalks, crossings, and pedestrian zones. All public transportation should also be accessible.

According to Emilija Rónová, accessibility affects almost 40 percent of people, whether permanently or temporarily disabled. The petition committee is seeking faster removal of barriers and thanks to all who sign it.

The petition emphasizes that removing barriers is a public interest matter. As Ivana Antalová states, “We are working in the public interest – and removing barriers is a requirement of the public interest. Public interest, such as human rights, dignity, solidarity, and individual freedom, is crucial to me.

To whom do we remove barriers?

They are handicapped by age, movement, orientation, or people with disabilities. However, this group also includes, for example, people with severe diagnoses and post-traumatic conditions. In the end, removing barriers is essential for all of us – in individual stages of life, we encounter situations where barriers inconvenience everyone.”

The petition committee requests compliance with accessibility in public buildings and areas, including private establishments such as shops, restaurants, and cinemas. These establishments should make their services accessible to all customers, including constructing barrier-free entrances and broader corridors.

Finally, the petition emphasizes the importance of education and raising awareness about accessibility. Educational programs and campaigns should inform the public about the importance of accessibility.

The petition is open for signatures and has already garnered support from prominent individuals and organizations, including Václav Krása, chairman of the National Council of Persons with Disabilities, Michal Prager from the initiative “Live under your own,” Luboš Zajíc, president of the United Organization of the Blind and Visually Impaired, and Vojtěch Ryvola, councilor for transportation in Prague 1 (ANO).