Pilsen Donates Land for New Hospice: A Landmark Decision

Vizualizace Hospic svatého Lazara

The city of Pilsen, known for its rich history and cultural heritage, is now carving out a new milestone in its legacy. The city council, in collaboration with the regional government and the diocese, has decided to donate land worth several tens of millions of crowns for the construction of a new hospice. The investment, estimated at around four hundred million crowns, is an ode to the dignified autumn of life.

For years, discussions about the new hospice were merely conversations. However, a significant shift occurred recently with sealing of a memorandum of mutual support for this project. The Mayor of Pilsen, Roman Zarzycký, is optimistic about the project’s realization within the next three years.

The Hospice of Saint Lazarus, a non-profit organization, has operated in a city building on the bustling Sladkovský Street for twenty-five years. It offers twenty-eight beds and takes care of approximately four hundred patients annually. The new facility promises to provide a more dignified environment for the patients and staff, with the addition of green spaces being a key highlight.

The city plans to utilize a vast vacant plot near the center of Litice for this project. According to Michal Hausner, the Mayor of the concerned district, there are other places where apartments can be built. The hospice project is given preference due to its relevance and necessity. The locals have shown interest in the project, and despite some concerns, the hospice and its surrounding environment are expected to be aesthetically pleasing.

This decision and gesture from the city of Pilsen speak volumes about their commitment to social welfare and set a precedent for other municipalities to follow.