Prague Welcomes a Giant Christmas Tree


In the early hours of Tuesday, Prague woke up to a beautiful sight in its historic Old Town Square – a towering Christmas spruce. The tree, standing tall at 22 meters, originates from the Českolipsko region and is set to light up for the first time on the upcoming Saturday.

According to tree rings, this majestic spruce is over 50 years old and weighs a whopping 4.7 tons. The tree was transported to the capital from a private garden in Pertoltice pod Ralskem, where it was felled last Saturday.

The responsibility of securing the tree in its place fell on the Technologie Hlavního Města Prahy (THMP), the technology company of Prague. Once the tree was secured, the festive decoration commenced.

The decoration of this tree is no small feat. Over eight kilometers of light chains, 342 balls, and 50 stars will bring this tree to life, adding to the festive spirit in the heart of Prague.

From Saturday, the tree will be lit each day from 4 p.m. until midnight, a sight sure to bring cheer to residents and tourists alike. The tree will continue to gleam until January 6th, keeping the festive spirit alive well into the new year.

After serving its festive purpose, the tree will continue to be helpful. The branches will be sent to the Prague Zoo, and the trunk will be cut into planks. Students will then use these planks to make furniture and other products, ensuring that the tree continues to bring joy long after the holiday season.