Prague 2 Implements New Rules for Bike and Scooter Sharing Services

Marek Jindra

Prague 2 recently signed an agreement with the shared bike and scooter providers. We asked the operators how they plan to fulfill the critical points of this agreement on bike-sharing operations in Prague 2. Among the new rules is the enforcement of a ban on entering selected places in parks and squares and the process of infolines for reporting incorrectly parked bikes and electric scooters.

According to the Agreement on the Operation of Bike-Sharing, the Prague 2 district continues establishing parking spaces where users can leave their vehicles after completing their rides. Shared electric scooters cannot be parked anywhere else.

If a user leaves the vehicle lying freely on the sidewalk, individual companies must arrange for its relocation to a reserved area. On weekdays, they have a time limit of two hours from when the incident is reported; on weekends, they must do so within four hours; and on holidays, within twelve hours. The vehicle can be towed if the issue is not resolved during weekdays within 24 hours.

Reduction of speed and a ban on park entry

Another point in the agreement is the obligation on the part of operators to ensure that users can only move around selected areas in squares at a reduced speed.

“We have signed an agreement with Prague 2, which defines zones with reduced speed and zones where e-bikes and scooters are not allowed. We also have this practice in other cities or Prague districts, so it is not new, and it is technically possible to ensure. For example, on Charles Bridge, each rider’s scooter slows to walking speed, or in Prague’s Grebovka, where cycling is prohibited, it stops,” said Lucie Krahulcov√°, Public Policy Manager at Bolt, in an interview.

Banning entry to other parks in Prague 2 is technically feasible, but due to the inaccuracy of GPS navigation in densely built-up areas, Bolt is trying to avoid it. “However, this point was one of the district’s conditions, so we agreed to evaluate the situation continuously. If users encounter any problems, we will modify the zones further. No one wants to risk a scooter stopping in the middle of the road because it is near a city park,” added Lucie Krahulcov√°.

Users of electric scooters are concerned about their safety. According to Bolt, surveys show that users of shared electric scooters are concerned about their safety when moving in urban areas, primarily due to high-speed vehicles. The company is trying to solve this issue.