New Super-Modern Transport Hub Coming Soon to Prague


The approval of the construction of a new transport hub at Smíchovské nádraží in Prague is a significant milestone for the city. The hub will connect a bus station on the roof, a covered railway, and a metro station.

The new super-modern terminal could be ready in 2028, according to a press release from the city’s government. The initial modifications to the existing station and surrounding area will begin this year. The existing historic hall of the station will be preserved and incorporated into the new terminal.

The new transport hub will be a significant center for the entire region’s urban, suburban, and intercity transportation. The project is a collaboration between the city’s municipal authorities and external partners, both state-owned and private, demonstrating the importance of such partnerships for large-scale projects.

The new terminal will link to a recently implemented rail track renovation project. The completed project will offer passengers an integrated transfer terminal and parking lot.

The new Smíchov transport terminal will unify transport hubs and offer seamless connections between different types of transportation, including trains, buses, trams, metros, and cars.

The project also includes a new capacity parking area for up to 1,000 cars, with several parking lots for bicycles. The bus station will be situated above the railway area. This arrangement allows for efficient transportation connections for both directions of bus traffic.

Two significant transfer terminals, Smíchovské nádraží, and Na Knížecí, are located in Smíchov. The new Smíchov transport hub project aims to link these two hubs, offering commuters more efficient and convenient transport.

The project was initially scheduled to complete by 2025, but delays have pushed the completion date to 2028. Nevertheless, this new terminal will be a vital transportation hub for the entire region, reducing traffic congestion, improving accessibility, and offering commuters more efficient and convenient travel.