Prague 2 Opened A New Food Bank Distribution Center

The Prague 2 district has opened a new food bank distribution center for Prague 1 and 2 residents who are in need. The center is located in the courtyard of the Novoměstská radnice and is open every Monday from 9 am to 12 pm. To receive food, residents must provide a recommendation from a social department, employment office, or OSPOD.

The food bank has several locations in the city and is expanding its activities. It provides food to those in need and works to reduce food waste by collecting and distributing surplus food from supermarkets, manufacturers, farmers, and restaurants. In addition, the organization conducts research to understand food insecurity better and works to raise awareness of the issue.

The Prague 2 district has worked with the food bank for three years and is committed to supporting its mission. The food bank is a vital part of the city’s efforts to support those in need, and the Prague 2 district is proud to be a part of this critical work.

With the city’s support, the food bank can expand its services and increase its activities in response to the growing demand for its services. The food bank provides food and other essential items such as diapers, wet wipes, and hygiene products to families in need.

The food bank is a valuable resource for those struggling to make ends meet, and its efforts to reduce food waste and raise awareness of food insecurity are positively impacting the community.