Prague Airport May Soon House a Casino for the World’s Richest

The Prague airport may soon become home to a casino for the world’s richest people. Two new gambling projects were introduced on Tuesday, May 9th, at a public hearing on the border between Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, in the town of Tuchoměřice with a population of 1,500.

The company GPC Win a.s. plans to build the Grand Arena complex with a hotel and multifunctional hall primarily for international poker tournaments with 140 gaming tables, 25 roulette, and blackjack tables, and up to 400 slot machines. The facility will also feature a luxurious 72-room hotel, restaurant, and bars.

Another casino project with live games and slot machines will be located behind the Pop Airport outlet and entertainment center in Tuchoměřice. This project is being led by Kaprain, owned by billionaire Karel Pražák, who already owns the largest outlet and entertainment center in Central Europe – POP Airport. This outlet center offers international clothing brands and entertainment center Majaland with amusement park attractions and the Dinosauria museum with exhibits dating back up to 200 million years, consisting of up to 90% original prehistoric dinosaur bones.

The investor’s representative stated that the company is considering the construction of an outdoor section of Majaland and an aquapark with water attractions in addition to the casino in the future. However, the intensive construction has aroused emotions among the residents of Tuchoměřice, who are concerned about the possible impact of a casino on their community.

During the presentation of the projects, the investors’ representatives emphasized that they are long-established companies with clear Czech owners and structures. They sought to dispel negative information and myths about casino environments from the outset, emphasizing that these will be the most prestigious facilities primarily intended for wealthy clients who come to enjoy the game. The speakers presented statistics showing that unlike in the past, the presence of casinos does not increase crime rates.

However, residents raised concerns about safety, possible increases in crime, prostitution, social problems, and disturbances of the peace at night. They were concerned about how these facilities might affect the community in terms of the local economy and employment. The main benefit to the community is expected to be a financial one, with projected revenues of up to CZK 100 million per year from taxes and various levies.