Prague is the most beautiful city on the planet!

Charles Bridge, the Old Town Astronomical Clock, Letenské sady or the Vltava riverbank. These are just some of the places that make Prague the most beautiful city on the earth. In Time Out magazine’s ranking, it beat out Paris, Rome, New York, and Chicago. The ranking is based on a survey of 27,000 people across the planet.

Time Out asked residents themselves about the qualities of their home cities, with 83percentt of residents singling out Prague for its picturesque appearance, made up of historic streets where Gothic meets Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Nouveau.

“Whether you’re wandering across Charles Bridge or gazing at the Old Town Astronomical Clock, a day in Prague is always associated with breathtaking architecture,” says Time Out.

“But it’s not just the buildings; for breathtaking views, head to Letenské sady and for something more peaceful, the Vltava riverbank,” the magazine lists another of Prague’s highlights.

In addition to being the most beautiful and seventh best city in the main category of the ranking, Prague also took second place for relaxation. According to the magazine, the Czech capital is simply a place to get a coffee and relax.