Prague Public Transport Company Cancels Winner Selection for Metro Line D Construction

Stanislava Benešová

The Board of Directors of the Prague Public Transport Company (DPP) has canceled its original selection of the tender winner for the construction of the second phase of Metro Line D. The decision was based on new information that the DPP obtained during the verification of details of one of the references of the winning bidder, a consortium of companies led by Subterra.

The consortium of PORR, VINCI, and Marti (PVM) was excluded from the competition due to non-compliance with the conditions of the tender documentation. The PVM group had challenged DPP’s decision, citing alleged errors in Subterra’s references at the Office for the Protection of Economic Competition (ÚOHS). The ÚOHS subsequently cancelled the winner selection, however, this decision is not yet legally binding.

During the verification of the challenged references, DPP found itself in a situation where none of the entities listed in the references by the winner could unequivocally confirm parts of the references that the complainant challenged. As a result, the board decided to cancel the selection.

Considering the newly obtained information, the DPP’s award committee will now reassess the winning bid. “It is crucial for us that this order is tendered out transparently and with the care of a good businessman,” said Petr Witowski, Chairman of the Board and CEO.

The construction of the new line of the Prague metro began in 2022. A kilometer-long section between Pankrác and Olbrachtova stations is currently under construction. The second phase, the subject of the mentioned tender, will connect Olbrachtova and Nové Dvory stations.