Prague Selects E&Y to Implement Anti-Corruption Measures Using International Standards

Prague has announced that E&Y will supply comprehensive advice to its anti-corruption systems. The company will attempt to implement the international standard, ISO 37001, in the coming months. The standard guides creating, implementing, and monitoring anti-corruption management systems in organizations.

Prague seeks to establish a transparent and open environment within its institutions and hopes to reduce the costs, risks, and damages associated with bribery. Prague’s strategy to combat corruption has been successful, with the selection of a supplier for this type of consultancy focusing on implementing the ISO international standard as one of the critical milestones. 

“Satisfying statutory norms against corruption is not enough. Individual organizations must take action in the fight against corruption. The ISO standard was created in response to this. The standard is based on international OECD and UN agreements against bribery and corruption,” said Adam Zábranský, the head of property, transparency, and legislation.

The standard is being adopted in response to experiences with Prague’s public companies, some of which have already received certification for internationally recognized anti-corruption standards or are now seeking it.

Martin Kubelka, Director of Prague’s City Hall, stated, “There are many reasons for introducing an anti-corruption management system. This system generally helps to fight corruption, which is the long-term strategy of the city and the administration.

In practice, the system enables verification of internal processes, verification of established levels of transparency, and ethical behavior. Also, it strengthens corporate culture and gains greater trust from clients and the public.”

The anti-bribery measures the city hall will implement under the ABMS system include risk identification and assessment, bribery prevention and detection, and potential responses. The adoption of ISO 37001 should serve as an effective way for Prague’s institutions to enhance their ability to combat corruption and ensure that they operate within the international standard of good governance.