Tourist Trap: Take a Train Ride Through the City for 300 Kč

Jiří Zemen

Almost every European capital offers city tours, and Prague is no exception. The city center is full of people wearing red vests and carrying umbrellas, trying to lure tourists into a ride. The organizer of these tours is the company Big Hop On Hop Off Bus Prague.

However, tourists do not hold back on criticizing this company on Google and Tripadvisor. The most frequent complaints are about the disorganization and frequent overcrowding of the bus. Another issue for customers is that they might be unable to claim the service since the company’s owner is unclear, and it is almost impossible to reach them via phone or find their office.

In the city center, tourists can find other attractions, such as the “historic” train called Ekoexpres that departs from the Old Town Square. Unlike the companies that operate or have operated Hop on Hop off buses, Ekoexpres is a domestic project led by Petr König, who, according to available information, employs one to five people.

On its website, Ekoexpres offers a city tour that takes an hour and shows tourists Prague’s most famous sights, including Malá Strana, Hradčany, and Josefov. The ten-kilometer route costs three hundred Czech crowns, and tourists can only pay in cash, according to the information on the board in the Old Town Square.

The article attempted to contact the owner of Ekoexpres, and surprisingly, he answered the phone. Petr König, the train owner, said he was responsible for the train and had no reason to hide from the public. He also mentioned that the train is eco-friendly, but the reason behind the name Ekoexpres is not noted on the website.