Prague sends discarded trams and buses to Ukraine

The Prague City Transport Company (DPP) sends 20 decommissioned trams and two buses to Ukraine through the non-profit organization People in Need. Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) told a press conference on Monday.

“This is essential to kick-start the reconstruction of the cities so that the refugees can return home, which is our common goal,” the mayor said.

Prague is sending the scrapped trams, which are currently in the Hloubětín depot, to Ukraine. They will head to the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

The buses will then go to Khmelnytskyy in western Ukraine.

“The transport company will arrange the loading, and People in Need will take care of the transport,” said DPP chief Petr Witowski.

“They will go there in several batches. It depends on the security situation and how free the transport capacities will be in Europe. It could be within days or weeks,” he added.

As Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr said, Prague has long supported transport companies in Ukraine. For example, a few years ago, it donated trams to Mariupol.