Prague to Develop Traffic Management Strategy for Safer Roads

The City of Prague will create a strategy for the development of traffic management. The document will serve as a basis for preparing projects or selecting technologies to improve traffic management, operations, and safety on the roads. This is according to a document approved by Prague councilors on Monday.

The creation of the strategy is expected to cost five million Czech crowns, but the exact timeline for its development is not yet clear. So-called telematics integrates transport infrastructure with information systems and telecommunications technologies, including electronic information boards for drivers.

Prague last created a traffic management strategy in 2002, which is outdated and cannot be used. “Since then, several relevant partial documents have been created, but without a fundamental anchor in a binding and coordinated strategy,” the document states. According to the document, the efficient development of the aforementioned traffic management method requires the existence of its own and only vision, strategy, and concept and to define concrete steps.

The new document will have two parts, the first covering four years and the second covering ten years. The paper will include thematic areas and principles that have guided telematics decision-making since 2002, as well as material on development between 2016 and 2022 and a plan for sustainable mobility. Development proposals will also be created.

The current state will be analyzed to prepare the material, followed by the proposal phase, which will specify individual proposals, steps, and procedures. This will be followed by an opposition phase, in which individual municipalities, experts, or representatives of parties in the city council will comment on the proposals. Only then will the document be approved by the city’s management.