Luxury Travel Made Easy: Hilton Hotel’s Exclusive Taxi Service in Prague

The Hilton chain of hotels is known for providing luxurious accommodations for travelers worldwide. However, the prices of the rooms are usually not affordable for everyone. If you’re willing to shell out big bucks for a room in one of the two Hilton hotels in Prague, you can also take advantage of their hotel taxi service. This service is designed to make transportation easier for hotel guests looking for a hassle-free way to get around the city.

During our visit to the Hilton Hotel in Prague, we noticed the prices of the local taxi service. While the prices were high, it was still popular among hotel guests. The Hilton is an American company with a network of hotels worldwide. It has two branches in Prague, one located near Náměstí Republiky and the other in Karlín near the Florenc metro station. The prices for accommodation at the Hilton are not low, with the Twin Executive room costing CZK 14,326 per night for one person. The presidential suite will set you back at CZK 70,399 per night.

One of the benefits of staying at the Hilton is that it hosts several conferences, including the recent Footballer of the Year gala event. Whether attending such an event or staying at the hotel, you can use the hotel taxi service. The hotel staff will arrange everything from calling the taxi to loading your luggage into the trunk.

The prices for the hotel taxi service are not low, but they are not exorbitant either. The taxi fares are divided into Zone A, CZK 280, and Zone E, CZK 640. The hotel taxi charges CZK 360 to get to the Main Train Station and Old Town Square, CZK 450 to Charles Bridge, CZK 500 to Prague Castle, and CZK 790 to get to the O2 Arena.

One interesting fact we learned about the hotel taxi service is that it also offers transportation to other cities in the Czech Republic. For example, for the price of a luxurious dinner for two, you can travel to Karlštejn in the Beroun District. The Hilton hotel taxi service offers guests a comfortable and hassle-free way to get around Prague and beyond. However, it is essential to note that the prices are not affordable for everyone, and guests should budget accordingly if they plan on using this service.