Prague to Provide Financial Support to Vyšehrad, Symphony Orchestra, and Studio Ypsilon

The city of Prague will allocate financial resources from the fund for the financial settlement of contributory organizations to several cultural institutions that attract thousands of Czech and foreign tourists. As part of the budget adjustment for 2023, a total of CZK 450,000 will be granted to the National Cultural Monument Vyšehrad, and the Prague Symphony Orchestra will receive CZK 4 million. Studio Ypsilon will be able to utilize funds amounting to CZK 480,000 from the investment fund. The decision was made during a meeting of councilors, as stated in a press release.

The National Cultural Monument Vyšehrad, Studio Ypsilon, and the Prague Symphony Orchestra (FOK) are considered culturally essential institutions of national importance. Each year, they organize cultural events attracting thousands of local and international visitors. Deputy Mayor Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09) expressed his satisfaction with providing substantial financial assistance to support these institutions and their efforts.

The Symphony Orchestra plans performances with internationally renowned soprano Sarah Traubel and pianist Alice Sara Ott. Vyšehrad, on the other hand, is preparing a grand historical event commemorating the Prague Peace Congress from 210 years ago.

The National Cultural Monument Vyšehrad, founded in 1970, is responsible for managing, rehabilitating, presenting, and popularizing Vyšehrad, a UNESCO-listed heritage site. In addition to its cultural significance and appeal to both domestic and foreign tourists, Vyšehrad is a vibrant part of the city and a popular spot for walks and relaxation.

The Symphony Orchestra, abbreviated as FOK, has a rich program that includes film, opera, and concert performances. Apart from ensuring the functioning of the musical ensemble and organizing its cycles, the orchestra also hosts chamber music concerts in the Church of St. Simon and St. Jude, as well as programs for children and families.

Studio Ypsilon, led by Jan Schmid, is a leading Czech theater scene that has strongly influenced the development of contemporary Czech theater. The theater, also known as Ypsilonka, will use the funds to repair the lighting control system in both theater halls and conduct a general refurbishment of the electrical parts of two productions that are 13 and 20 years old, respectively. Ypsilon Theater is located in the early functionalist building of Palác Olympic on Spálená Street and has been home to many renowned actors and performers.

The financial support from Prague will contribute to the growth and development of these cultural institutions, ensuring the continuation of their artistic endeavors and the preservation of their historical heritage.