Trash Dump in Front of Prague’s Billa: “Pigs, Romanians, and Ukrainians,” Reacts Staff

We regularly explore the situation in the capital city, focusing on landmarks or well-known places and uncovering unknown corners, drug dens, and filth. Surprisingly, we encountered one “hidden” spot in front of Billa at Florenc while investigating food prices.

When we asked the cashier about it, she claimed it was done by “pigs, Romanians, and Ukrainians.” She stated that it wasn’t the drug addicts, as they were supposed to be somewhere else.

“We clean it up, but it’s the same or even worse within an hour, especially when the wind blows. Everything gathers against the wall, towards us, so it looks the way it does,” she added. We informed her we were journalists and would photograph the situation in photos. “I don’t care. Just take pictures so others can see the mess people make,” she concluded.

It should be noted that the store was clean, the shelves were organized, and there were sufficient supplies. The stark contrast becomes apparent when approaching the store.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that the K-center for drug addicts could potentially be relocated to Florenc. We recently visited the site.

Upon exiting the metro, the familiar stench was already noticeable. A homeless person was urinating by the trash bins, soon to be replaced by another. However, there was another unpleasant smell in the air. A few meters away stood the building where the center was planned to be relocated. When we reached the building and rang the bells, we realized other organizations were based there. We tried to inquire if they were aware of the future relocation of the drug center.

Only a representative from the organization Konsent was present on-site. The association fights against sexual violence against women and advocates redefining the definition of rape. They have also launched a petition to improve sex education in Czech schools. The organization’s founder, Johanna Nejedlá, opened the door for us. She did not know about the potential relocation of the K-center to the building: “I don’t know anything about that; nobody has told us anything.”

When we described the situation to her, she didn’t seem thrilled: “That can’t be true, but honestly, we have no idea about it. However, we constantly find used syringes here. You can see for yourself how the surroundings look and the kind of people that are here,” she said.