Prague will have its solar power plant, promises Hlubuček

In the program Interview, the city of Prague will have its own solar power plant, described Petr Hlubuček, deputy mayor of Prague for the environment from the STAN movement. The city plans to equip up to 20,000 buildings with photovoltaic panels. “It’s ambitious, but it’s not unrealistic,” he added.

“It is one of the points for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. We will install photovoltaic panels on the roofs of Prague’s buildings, mostly outside the historic center. On schools, offices… wherever possible,” the deputy mayor said in the broadcast. Prague has pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 45% by 2030.

There are seven thousand public buildings in Prague on which the panels could be installed. But the vision of the environment ministry is to use up to 20,000 buildings. “We also want to involve households. If they use this energy, they won’t have to pay the 30 percent distribution fee; it will be waived, ” Hlubuček promised.

Some people have criticized the “green Prague.” “This system is likely to lead to damage being done,” assessed Vladimír Schmalz, a former councilor and current member of the municipal committee for infrastructure, technical equipment, and the environment. 

Opposition councilor Alexandra Udženiya, for her part, described the establishment of the organization as redundant and costly. She said she would agree to the project if it was covered by one of the city’s companies.