Prague will manage revenues of CZK 99.7 billion and expenditures of CZK 104.9 billion

Prague will manage revenues of CZK 99.65 billion and expenditures of CZK 104.88 billion next year. Compared to this year, both revenues and expenditures will be higher, which rising energy prices and wages will influence. Revenues will be affected by inflation.

The capital will make the difference between revenues and expenditures, among other things, with money from the state. Around CZK 20.2 billion is earmarked for investments.

However, the new city administration will decide what the money will be used for. City districts should receive CZK 6.9 billion from Prague for their operations next year, up year-over-year. Prague city councilors approved the draft budget.

The city has approved a budget with CZK 92.6 billion in revenues and expenditures for this year, up year-on-year.

Approximately CZK 19.68 billion is earmarked for investments, including more than CZK 4 billion for the construction of Metro D. Of the expenditure, most go to current spending, at around CZK 70.92 billion, with most of the money going to transport and education.