Praha 3 Continues Trend of Restoring Tree-Lined Streets

The third district of Prague, also known as Praha 3, is continuing its trend of restoring tree-lined streets by planting more trees and shrubs in the coming months. The district plans to renew the tree rows on Na Ohrade Street and other areas, including Za Zizkovskou Vozovnou Street, during the spring and autumn planting season.

Last year, the district planted 66 trees and 134 decorative shrubs in its parks, housing estates, and inner courtyards. For example, the Jarov housing estate will see ornamental apple trees bloom for the first time this spring, while the Chmelnice estate has been revitalized with ash, birch, lime, and rowan trees.

The district also added trees to clearings on Konevova Street, Prazačka Square, Olšany Square, Svatý Kříž Hill, Bezovka, and Zizkov Square. New shrubs have been added to Roháčova Street, where they bring joy to the care home residents. In Hraniční Street, a row of four oaks and 22 ornamental cherry trees now forms an alley.

According to Jan Bartko, an environmental strategist for Praha 3, planting trees is the best way to cool a city and its streets. Trees also help maintain humidity and reduce air pollution, making them the most effective way to maintain a suitable climate in a city.

The district sees tree planting as a long-term priority and as such, has planned many more plantings for this year, including six ornamental cherry trees, three maples on Na Hlídce Street, and seven more oaks for the tree rows on Za Zizkovskou Vozovnou Street.