Praha 3 Launches “Out with your dog? Only with a bag!” Campaign

Praha 3, a district in Prague, has launched a new campaign to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets. The campaign, which roughly translates to “Out with your dog? Only with a bag!” was started in response to the increasing problem of dog waste on public streets and the lack of access to bags and bins.

Last year, Praha 3 spent 2.4 million Czech korun on unique bags and bins for dog waste. Despite this, some dog owners continue to leave their pets’ waste on the street, causing pollution and inconvenience to other users of the public space. In response, Praha 3 has launched the “Ven se psíkem? Jen s pytlíkem!” campaign.

The district has installed over 320 stands with bags for dog waste and replenishes them with 50,000 bags every week. The campaign’s central message is that cleanliness is a shared responsibility and depends on the personal responsibility of each dog owner. The bags are accessible at various locations, including the district’s information center, the cultural center, and the town hall.

The campaign’s face is Michal Vronský, the district’s mayor and a dog owner. He emphasizes the importance of having the bags with you when you take your dog for a walk: “As a dog owner, I always make sure I have bags when walking my dog and am ready when needed. The same should apply to all dog owners.” The bags are as essential as a leash or collar.

The campaign is not just limited to stands with bags; it is also visible on public roads, which dog owners in Praha 3 use most frequently. The district has had its logo and slogan painted on them. Praha 3 has over 2,600 registered dogs, and the district’s authorities want to encourage responsible dog ownership.

Praha 3’s campaign is not just a matter of cleanliness but also an economic one. Last year, the district spent 2.4 million Czech korun on bags and bins for dog waste, which could have been avoided if dog owners had been more responsible. Failure to pick up after pets is a widespread problem in Prague and other cities worldwide.