President to Fly to The Coronation of Charles III on a Regular Flight

Michal Kamaryt

President Petr Pavel and his wife Eva will attend the coronation of British King Charles III on May 6th. However, the presidential couple will not fly on a government plane to London but on a regular airline, which is an unusual choice. The delegation will be modest, and only a few closest collaborators will accompany the President and his wife on the trip.

According to Mária Pfeiferová from the team of President Pavel, the President chose to fly on a regular flight for several reasons. Firstly, they consider the busy London airports, which are overloaded due to many arriving visitors. Secondly, they took into account the minimalist character of the visit. This option was chosen precisely because of the utterly exceptional nature of this visit.

It is customary for politicians to use planes from the so-called government fleet on their official trips abroad. Commercial flights are rare, primarily considering the security of officials.

Currently, the Czech Republic has two Airbuses that ministers, constitutional, and government officials use for longer distances. Additionally, there are several military CASA planes.

The coronation ceremony of King Charles III, the eldest son of the late Queen Elizabeth II, will take place on May 6th at Westminster Abbey, led by the Archbishop of Canterbury. During the ceremony, the King and his wife Camilla will be anointed with sacred oil, and the King will receive the royal apple, wand, and coronation ring.

Before being the Archbishop of Canterbury, he took an oath written in 1688, pledging to rule by the laws passed by Parliament. After the ceremony, the King and his wife will proceed to Buckingham Palace. Both buildings are only about a kilometer apart.

King Charles III has been performing his royal duties since the death of his mother, who died on September 8th last year at the age of 96. However, he will be crowned only now.