Prices at Lidl in Poland are a third lower than in the Czech Republic

It is not only Polish markets where people from the Czech Republic will now buy cheaply before Christmas. More and more people are also attracted to Polish supermarkets, and no wonder. An editorial purchase of ordinary foodstuffs (see table) in Lidl in Ostrava cost CZK 898.70. The actual purchase on the same day was almost CZK 300 cheaper at Lidl in Poland.

Sometimes there is a fight for some goods in Poland, for example, chicken breasts.

“Pensioners there almost fought over chicken meat. In Lidl in Poland, they had a sale on chicken breasts: a kilo was around 60 crowns, whereas here, I saw a kilo of breasts for 159 crowns. I calmly waited for them to sit there and take it apart, then I took four breasts. The saleswoman replenished the goods,” Romana Šupová from Ostrava described her shopping experience. 

Favorite products

She usually goes to Lidl in Vladislav, Poland, 35 km from the center of Ostrava, on Saturdays. She shops there for her favorite products from the Czech Lidl.

“They don’t have the same goods as here, but I can find some much cheaper – like protein puddings, rabbit, chicken, yogurt, cheese, or milk. Most of the time, I save around five hundred on my purchases,” Šupová said.

Of course, I also go to the market in Zabelkova and then to the Milion store for cigarettes. For those, I pay even 40 crowns less than in the Czech Republic,” the shopper explained.

In Lidl in Poland, homemakers now buy 10 L eggs for around 50 crowns before Christmas, while in Lidl in the Czech Republic, they are 13 crowns more expensive. Pure white yogurt is available in Lidl in Poland for CZK 5.50. In Lidl in the Czech Republic, it costs CZK 19.90. And a kilo of potatoes in the Polish Lidl costs around ten crowns, while Lidl in Ostrava has a kilo of almost 18 crowns.

Savings of several hundred

Although Czechs usually buy butter at markets where it is cheapest, it is also cheaper in Lidl in Poland than in the Czech Republic: a kilo costs around 185 crowns, while in Lidl in the Czech Republic, you will pay almost 220 crowns per kilo.

Shoppers from the Ostrava region also put tea and coffee in their baskets; the CZK 43 difference in Classic instant coffee is noticeable, as is the CZK 14 difference in chamomile tea. Baked goods, fish, and drugstore products, including two-ply toilet paper, are cheaper at Lidl in Poland. No wonder that homemakers in neighboring Poland spend a few hundred less on a more significant pre-Christmas purchase.