Primark Opens in the Czech Republic. Promises the Same Quality as Abroad

“We offer our customers the same quality, the same fashion as in all other stores. The Czech Republic is our fourteenth market,” Primark manager Maciej Podwojski told Novinky.

Primark operates nearly four hundred stores in Europe and the United States. Primark opened its first store in Poland last year and is planning to expand into Slovakia next year.

The store is located in the Flow Building, a building completed last year and built on the site of a demolished building on the corner of Opletalova Street. Originally, the store was supposed to open at the end of last year, but everything was postponed by the worsening coronavirus epidemic.

“We had to postpone the opening until we were sure that the situation would be safe for our customers and employees,” Podwojski added.

Previously, people from the Czech Republic travelled to Germany, Austria or shopped online.n. “We have already heard from customers that they are glad they don’t have to spend a weekend in Dresden to shop,” Podwojski noted.

According to him, there is a strong base of “primary” customers in the Czech Republic, but the chain did not want to rush anything. “We are not in a hurry to expand, we were waiting for this building and Wenceslas Square. The wait was worth it,” he explained.

Customers in Prague will be able to shop on three floors with a total area of over 4,600 sqm. However, due to ongoing anti-coronavirus measures, a maximum of 313 customers will be able to be in the store at any one time. However, unlike, for example, Primark in Dresden, they will not be limited in the time they can spend in the store.

“We have clear signage on the store floors everywhere to help customers navigate their way around, to eliminate close contact and to maintain social distancing. We’ve completely reorganized the checkouts by putting protective glass and cubicles on them to better protect our employees and customers. And we have increased the number of cleaners for the areas where customers go the most,” Podwojski listed the measures put in place.