Protesters make threatening gestures outside the House of Commons

Pavel Jaňurek

About 300 people are demonstrating in front of the House of Commons against the approval of the government’s amendment to the pandemic law. Supporters of the Chcípl pes initiative brought a gallows with a noose and the inscription “all traitors and their minions will end up on the gallows.”

Police videotaped the gallows but did not intervene further. A similar incident occurred in 2015 when demonstrators carried EU-themed gallows to protests against migration quotas.

Under the government’s amendment to the pandemic law, the new restrictions against coronavirus could cover a broader range of activities than now. For example, the authorities could order testing of businesses, students, school children, and pre-school children, not just employees and other workers.

When ordering isolation or quarantine, public health authorities could then legally notify people by phone or text message. The Ministries of Defence and Home Affairs will also issue measures for their departments.