Rapid Increase of Lung Cancer Cases Among Women

There is a growing concern among health professionals regarding the significant increase in lung cancer cases among women. Smoking, a leading cause of lethal lung tumors, has gained popularity among women in recent years. While the number of men with this type of cancer is decreasing, the cases among women are dramatically rising.

“Although the incidence of new cases among men is relatively declining, the number of new cancers and mortality among women is rapidly increasing,” says Martina Koziar Vašáková, Chairwoman of the Czech Pneumatological and Physiological Society. In the 1970s, the proportion of women with newly diagnosed lung cancer was about 10 per 100,000 inhabitants. Today, it’s around 50 per 100,000.

According to Vašáková, this is a delayed effect of emancipation. “Women started smoking later than men, and with a delay of 30 years, the incidence of lung cancer in women is increasing,” the pneumologist explained.

Vašáková also stressed that nicotine substitutes for regular cigarettes, whether bags or electronic cigarettes are still harmful. It is a mistake to think they do not affect health. “”here is no safe smoking. Tobacco is a drug, and nicotine is an active ingredient on which addiction develops. Nicotine has no safe dose,” Vašáková said.

The government has taken steps to combat this by passing a law earlier this year that bans the sale of nicotine bags to those under 18. However, the issue of lung cancer remains a pressing concern, especially as a significant portion of men refuse to participate in screening programs. This refusal can lead to late detection of lung tumors, often when it is too late for effective treatment.

With lung cancer being the fifth most common type of cancer in the Czech Republic, it is crucial to continue raising awareness about the risks of smoking and the importance of early detection.