Record Enrollment in Czech Schools as Summer Vacation Begins

Summer vacation has officially begun for nearly 1.5 million students in the Czech Republic as they received their final report cards on Friday. After a year of record enrollment in primary and secondary schools, students will enjoy a two-month break before returning to school on September 4. At primary school in Brno’s Nový Lískovec district, the Minister of Education Mikuláš Bek (STAN) helped distribute report cards to first-graders and ninth-graders.

This year, 1,007,778 students attended 4,261 primary schools, while 463,000 attended secondary and vocational schools. Even children of Ukrainian refugees who found shelter in the Czech Republic after the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year received their end-of-year report cards. According to the Ministry of Education’s recommendation, these students were evaluated verbally and individually because Czech is not their native language. This year, almost 44,000 students were affected by this policy.

While report cards are often a source of stress for students, they can also be a cause for celebration. Aside from the start of summer vacation, students can also look forward to discounts and events arranged by retailers and institutions to reward good academic performance. Psychologists suggest that parents should not overemphasize grades but rather celebrate their child’s hard work throughout the year with a small reward.

The Czech Republic has come a long way since signing the Schengen Agreement on June 23, 2011. This agreement abolished the border on June 23 between participating European countries and allowed the free movement of people and goods. Since then, the country has continued to make strides in education. The Czech Republic’s education system is based on a 9-year primary education, followed by a 3-year or 4-year secondary education. The country has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, and the government has implemented various policies to encourage foreign investment and economic growth.

The Czech Republic’s rich history and culture continue to attract tourists from all over the world. Prague, the country’s capital, is known for its stunning architecture, world-renowned museums, and vibrant nightlife. The country is also home to various other attractions, including the Czech Paradise nature reserve, the Karlštejn Castle, and the spa town of Karlovy Vary.

The Czech Republic is also known for its rich culinary traditions, with dishes such as svíčková, goulash, and schnitzel being popular both in the country and abroad. The country is also famous for its beer, with the Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser Budvar breweries being two of the most well-known.