Czech Ice Cream Sales Slump Due to Rising Prices

As the summer heats up, Czech ice cream sales have taken a hit due to rising prices. According to Bohumil Štěpanovský from Zmrzky Tatra, one of the most prominent players in the industry, sales have been significantly weaker this season compared to previous years.

The high prices of everything from ice cream cones to the ice cream itself have been blamed for the lackluster sales. “Everything is considerably more expensive. More expensive mixes. Even cones, the price of which has increased by nearly 100% over the past three years. Unlike before, when the staff gave them to children for free. Now they sell them. Ice cream sellers have to raise the prices, and it’s already 45 crowns almost everywhere. Families with several children then reconsider,” explains Štěpanovský.

The weak sales have hit even the biggest ice cream sellers hard. “It’s weaker. Significantly weaker. Large ice cream sellers who used to take two hundred kilograms per month now take only a hundred,” says Štěpanovský.

The situation is not unique to Zmrzky Tatra, as other major ice cream suppliers like Česká zmrzlina z Opočna have also seen sales slump this year.

The most popular ice cream flavor is vanilla, strawberry, and raspberry. Chocolate is also a favorite, but sales have been minimal this year.

Interestingly, ice shavings have also taken a hit in sales. Smaller sellers, especially in rural areas, often lose business if they offer ice cream and shavings. People usually buy one or the other, but not both.

According to Štěpanovský, the key to selling ice cream is warm weather, ideally 30 degrees Celsius or higher. “I’ve also heard that many ice cream vendors near schools are looking forward to the end of summer vacation. They have the biggest sales when children go back to school. But it all depends on the location, and it’s different,” he adds.

The current situation has been a disappointment for ice cream lovers, especially for families with children. Ice cream sellers have to raise the prices, and families must reconsider how much they can afford to spend on the sweet treat.

With the summer season in full swing, it remains to be seen how ice cream sales will be affected by the ongoing price increases.