Sand from the Sahara arrived in the Czech Republic

A significant amount of dust from the Sahara has arrived in Europe. There was a strong wind over Algeria, and the sand particles entered the atmosphere and moved over Europe due to the southerly flow. Most of it is in the southern part of Europe, over the Iberian Peninsula, but also over France and Great Britain, meteorologist Dagmar Honsová said. Rainfall on Friday will wash the sand out of the atmosphere over the Czech Republic.

“The concentration of dust particles is low, and the dust is very high, so it doesn’t affect the air quality much this time,” Honsová said.

If there were not much cloud cover, she said, the dust from the Sahara could show up in a beautifully colored sunset.

“But that will be rare because there is a lot of cloud cover. Only over the Alps, where it is supposed to snow, the dust from the Sahara will color the falling snow,” she added.

The dust will be washed out of the air, she said, when a low-pressure furrow begins to pass over central Europe, bringing precipitation with it. In the Czech Republic, it will start affecting the weather on Thursday.