Savings tariffs are already on deposit for October

Electricity suppliers are already factoring in the savings tariff in people’s October prepayments. This will bring households an average saving of CZK 4,000 by the end of the year. The tariff itself will reduce the payment by CZK 3,500 for people who do not use electricity for heating and by CZK 2,000 for those who use it for heating.

In addition, from October until the end of next year, there will be a waiver of CZK 600 for each megawatt hour consumed to support renewable energy.

“Since October, we have been taking the energy-saving tariff into account in the advances,” Roman Gazdรญk, spokesman for CEZ, said. The amount will not be evenly allocated to the payments for October, November, and December, but if it is possible according to the amount of the advance payments, they will take it all into account in the October advance payment.

E.ON spokesman Roman ล perลˆรกk said that the company is settling the savings tariff following applicable government regulations.

“As of 1 October, our customers will not be charged for supported energy sources on their electricity bills. We will reflect the allowance that households are entitled to under their distribution tariff in the next bills from October 1,” he said.