Ski Prices Remain Mostly Unchanged in the Czech Republic

This winter, skiers in the Czech Republic will pay approximately the same amount for ski passes as last year. About two-thirds of ski resorts are keeping their prices unchanged from the previous year, while others are increasing their rates by up to two percent or reducing them by a maximum of four percent. Representatives of the Association of Mountain Resorts of the Czech Republic announced this on Tuesday in Prague.

“Ski resorts are deepening the trend of floating ski pass prices and preferential pricing for online purchases. Early purchase from home saves skiers time and money, and operators can better regulate the number of skiers on the slopes,” said Libor Knot, the association director. According to him, family ski passes for the weekend can cost between 500 and 1200 crowns.

Association president Kateřina Neumannová noted that resorts could not afford to fully reflect higher energy costs or high investments in ski pass prices. Therefore, operators are reducing their profits. “Ski resorts would then hardly invite visitors,” she said.

In the upcoming winter season, skiers can look forward to several new ski trails. For instance, the new and longest ski trail in the Czech Republic at Dolní Morava measures 3.7 kilometers. Špindlerův Mlýn will offer two new ski trails, Přehradní and Lesní, which together form 2.5 kilometers and are part of the section being built between Svatý Petr and Medvědín.

For modernization and energy savings, mountain resorts invested more than a billion crowns this year, compared to around 750 million last year. This commitment to improvement and sustainability highlights the dedication of the Czech ski industry to providing excellent experiences for skiers while maintaining responsible business practices.