Ski Training Costs Surge in Czech Republic

Thousands of Czech children are preparing for school ski training this year, but the costs for these trips have increased significantly compared to the previous school year. In some cases, the increase is more than double the inflation rate, which reached an annual 8.5% in October, according to the Czech Statistical Office. Certain schools have maintained their pricing aligned with the consumer price index growth. Parents struggling with these costs may find assistance from their municipality or health insurance company.

Parents are responsible for covering their children’s accommodation, food, and ski pass costs on ski training courses, while state funding covers transportation. For example, last year, Jana, a mother of two students from the Gymnázium Postupická in Prague, paid 4700 crowns for the entire board, transport, insurance, and ski passes. The total cost was 6520 crowns for a five-day training in Špindlerův Mlýn. This year, a similar training costs roughly eight thousand crowns.

Even though the prices have surged, the demand for ski training remains vital. The number of students participating in these activities has been continually increasing. According to the Ministry of Education, about 108,000 students went to the mountains for ski training in the last school year, a sharp increase from just 60,000 a decade ago.

The Czech Republic is not the only destination for these trips. With the growing interest in ski training, some Czech schools have started organizing trips to the Alps. Although these trips are more expensive, they offer a unique experience for the students.

As Czech families continue to value the benefits of ski training, it’s clear that this trend will likely continue. While the rising costs pose a challenge, the commitment to outdoor physical education remains strong.