Smart Cameras Transforming Czech Cities

Innovative technology is revolutionizing how we live, and cities in the Czech Republic are no exception. Modern surveillance cameras have evolved beyond simple security measures, playing a pivotal role in developing smart cities.

The most prevalent system in cities is the Urban Camera Surveillance System (MKDS), usually operated by the city police and shared with the Czech Police. Many of these systems serve only essential surveillance functions, especially in smaller and medium-sized cities. However, some cities have begun implementing intelligent technologies to enhance system efficiency and crime prevention significantly.

In Plzen and Ostrava, the cameras have learned to listen. Sound Event Detector (SED) from the Pilsen company Jalud Embedded can be installed as a separate sensor or, more economically, as software directly into the cameras in the system. In real-time, these algorithms can detect dangerous situations, such as shouting, gunfire, and shattering glass, and send an alarm to the operations center, automatically directing the cameras in the right direction.

Another advancement is the use of multi-sensor cameras. These cameras consist of one body with several high-resolution lenses. Technically, it’s just one camera, but it performs the work of 3 to 4 others. This allows operators to inspect or identify objects of interest in detail while the captured area remains in high-resolution recording for later forensic use.

In addition to fixed surveillance systems, mobile camera systems are being introduced. These can be placed wherever the city needs surveillance, allowing for operative crime prevention and security at specific locations based on the current situation. Mobile cameras can also monitor traffic and parking, including license plate readings.

The transformation of Czech cities through intelligent technology is a clear sign of progress. As these camera systems evolve, they promise to make cities safer and more efficient.