Snow tongues, drifts, and wind complicate life for drivers across the Czech Republic

Torrential snow and strong winds, which are causing snow tongues and drifts to form, are plaguing drivers across the Czech Republic. In the Zlín Region, for example, up to 20 centimeters of snow fell on Saturday night. For precautionary reasons, road engineers will close the I/10 road section from Tanvald to Harrachov and onto the border crossing with Poland for trucks over 3.5 tons at noon sharp. Meteorologists are warning of heavy snowfall.

In recent years, the 18-kilometer stretch of road from Tanvald to Harrachov has been closed to freight traffic, except for buses, whenever there is heavy snowfall. A single stuck truck is enough to block the road.

The recommended alternative truck route is via the Hrádek nad Nisou border crossing on the I/35. “We appeal to truck drivers to use the alternative route during the closure and not try to drive through the closed section,” said Ondřej Svoboda from the company Silnice LK, responsible for roads in the Liberec Region.

Zlín Region

Drivers in the Zlín Region must also count on traffic complications, where up to 20 centimeters of snow fell during the night on Saturday. The roads are covered with a thick layer of loose or drifted snow and are passable with increased caution. Snow is still falling in the region.

Up to five centimeters of snow fell overnight in the South Bohemian Region, mainly in the Krumlov region. There are no problems with passability. During the night, road workers had about 150 calls. It should snow all Saturday in southern Bohemia, and temperatures will stay below zero.

Roads in the Ústí and Liberec regions are passable with increased caution. In the Ore Mountains, there is packed snow on the streets, and in the lower elevations, there is loose snow. Snow is falling in the Krkonoše Mountains. There is a light wind in the Liberec region. When traveling to the mountains, police officers recommend that motorists have winter equipment.

Several centimeters of snow fell overnight in the Olomouc Region. The roads are covered with loose or drifted snow in the morning and are passable with increased caution. There are still snow showers in the region, and strong winds are blowing in some places, due to which there is a risk of snow tongues, especially in hilly areas.

Snow is complicating traffic throughout the Moravian-Silesian Region. Firefighters have recorded two dozen incidents, such as stuck buses, gritters, or cars.

There is a threat of snow tongues

Snow tongues are forming on the roads of the Highlands in some places. Because of the new snow, road workers had to go into the field after midnight. They had over 100 calls and used 17 plows to remove the snow during the night.

In the Pardubice Region, roads are passable with increased caution after the snowfall. Snow remains at higher altitudes, and locally, roads may become icy. Traffic is complicated by strong winds, which cause snow tongues and drifts.

After the overnight snowfall, most roads in southern Moravia are wet after chemical gritting. In Blansko, there is snow slush; in Brno and Vyškov, there are remnants of melted snow on more minor roads. Road workers are urging caution.

There is loose snow on the Central Bohemian roads, even on the main roads. Highways are wet after chemical treatment, and passable with increased caution. Visibility is reduced, with snow showers in some parts of the region.

In most of the Hradec Králové Region, it snowed on Saturday night, and roads are passable with increased caution. At higher altitudes in the Trutnov, Náchod, and Rychnov regions, some snow or remnants of snow remain in some streets. Strong winds may cause snow tongues to form in the area today from the middle altitudes, as well as snow drifts in the mountains, according to meteorologists.