Start of Autumn Fish Harvest: Fishermen in South Bohemia Uncover the Kings of Ponds and the World

Fishermen in rubber suits and tall boots, dozens of meters of nets over the fishing grounds, and tons of fish within. Such a scene can be witnessed on hundreds of ponds in the South Bohemian region, where the autumn fish harvests will kick off this weekend.

On Friday, October 13, fishermen will begin the harvest of the largest Czech pond, Rožmberk, and continue throughout the entire region until the second half of November. This year, after two years, the Svět pond in Třeboň will also be harvested from November 6 to 8.

Visitors can expect the traditional fishing craft and accompanying programs and tastings of fresh fish specialties.

Třeboň fishermen plan to harvest around eighty tons of market fish, such as pikes, zanders, grass carps, and perches, from dozens of ponds from October to November. They also aim to catch around fifty tons of Christmas carp. They do not intend to increase the prices compared to last year.

“We raised the price last year, corresponding to increased costs, and it should remain the same. So, people will pay one hundred and nineteen korunas per kilogram of carp,” said Jiří Malecha from the Třeboň Fisheries to Právo. On October 28, fishermen will cast their nets in the Bezdrev pond in Hluboká nad Vltavou on the national holiday.

“This is the second largest pond in the Czech Republic. Music will play on the dam, and the city has provided free bus transportation. The National Agricultural Museum in Ohrada will host Fisherman’s Day on the same day. As part of the events, there will be a week of fish specialties, with several Hluboká restaurants offering extraordinary fish menus from October 25 to 29,” said Tomáš Polanský, the director of the destination company Českobudějovicko – Hlubocko.

At the end of October, fishermen will also harvest the Dvořiště pond in Českobudějovicko, and in November, they will move to places such as Dívčice, to the Blatec pond, and Sedlec, to the Vlhavský pond. People can find an overview of the fish harvests in South Bohemia at