Store Hours for Easter Holidays in the Czech Republic

The residents of Czechia are anticipating their first “long weekend” of the year. Good Friday and Easter Monday are officially non-working days, so people can rest for four consecutive days from April 7 to 10.

Regarding stores, here is how things stand: from April 7 to 9, all stores will continue to operate as usual, but on April 10, supermarkets will be closed.

Why is this so?

Since October 2016, Czechia has had a law prohibiting stores more significant than 200 square meters from operating on certain national holidays. This applies to all large stores, not just grocery stores.

The measure was introduced so that supermarket workers could spend some holidays with their families like everyone else.

Good Friday, which falls on April 7, 2023, does not fall under the law, so that all stores will operate as usual on that day (as well as on Saturday and Sunday).

On the other hand, Easter Monday falls under the law, so on April 10, all supermarkets must be closed.