In Prague, the mini-brewery festival První Pivní Máj will take place

On May 1st, beer lovers and enthusiasts in Prague have the opportunity to attend the První Pivní Máj festival, which takes place at the Břevnov Monastery. The festival offers visitors more than 80 types of draft beer from various producers across the Czech Republic. The event promises to be fun-filled with live music, exciting contests, and unique entertainment programs for children.

Attendees at the První Pivní Máj festival can participate in various contests, including who can drink more beer within a set time or hold a liter glass of beer for the longest time. These competitions will undoubtedly create a fun and exciting atmosphere, and visitors can enjoy live music while sipping their favorite beer.

Aside from the beer, visitors can sample various snacks, including fried sausages, cheeses, burgers, fish dishes, pancakes, and more. There’s something for everyone, making it an excellent event to attend with family and friends.

The festival’s admission is free, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. The Břevnov Monastery, located at Markétská 1, Praha 6, is the perfect venue for this festival.