Storms Stir the Sky: The Supercell Phenomenon Over Litomyšl

On Monday, the skies over the Czech Republic once again saw the formation of numerous storms, with meteorologists even recording the creation of a supercell near Litomyšl. A supercell is a severe thunderstorm with a deep, persistently rotating updraft. Accompanying the supercell were dangerous phenomena such as gusts of wind, torrential downpours, or hailstorms.

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) alerted the public about the supercell’s formation on social media. Interestingly, this supercell, like the one on Sunday, formed in the area between Vysočina and the Pardubice region, and meteorologists were able to document its “rotation” using radar.

Monday’s storms were limited to the aforementioned regions and affected the southern and central parts of the Czech Republic and the Vysočina region. Unlike the previous weekend, no warning was issued for Monday, considering the local occurrence of storms and their expected manifestations.

However, meteorologists caution that smaller hailstones could also appear in addition to rainfall. Two supercells and torrential downpours had already occurred in the region on Sunday. Moreover, a weak tornado was recorded in Ústí region on Saturday in connection with the storms.

Despite the tumultuous weather over the weekend, no significant problems were reported. As per the experts, the stormy weather is expected to persist throughout the rest of the week.