Strong Thunderstorms And Hail Will Arrive Tonight

Strong thunderstorms are expected to arrive in the Czech Republic as early as Sunday evening, which may be accompanied by hail, gusty winds and rainfall, according to a warning from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ). However, we will not see the desired cooling, because the forecast for Monday is already showing tropical values again.

On Sunday late afternoon, evening and Monday night, meteorologists expect strong thunderstorms in Bohemia – with the exception of the eastern parts – with wind gusts of around 70 kilometres per hour, hail and rainfall, which may produce about 30 millimetres of water. “Severe thunderstorms may occur sporadically in the next few days,” meteorologists warned.

However, the forecast for Monday still calls for tropical temperatures across the country.
“Highs may still exceed 31°C on Monday, especially in the east. Severe thunderstorms with heavy rainfall, wind gusts and hail may occur from Monday afternoon,” the meteorologists said.

“A frontal boundary will undulate over central Europe, separating warm air in the east from cooler air in the west,” said the forecast, which said Monday should be cloudy to partly cloudy, with temporary to cloudy conditions.

Meteorologists said Monday’s thunderstorms could include wind gusts of around 20 m/s (70 km/h), hail or torrential rainfall with totals of around 40 mm.

Precipitation may occur until Friday, due to which it should cool down next week.