Temperatures will be subtropical

Even though the temperature in Šumava at the Rokytská Slat station dropped below freezing on Monday morning, the afternoon highs in the Czech Republic will be tropical.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures will even reach the so-called super-tropical levels, i.e., 35 degrees Celsius and above. Tropical days will be gradually joined by occasional tropical nights when the temperature will not fall below 20 degrees.

High temperatures will be brought by hot air flowing into the Czech Republic from the southwest. “The heat will be mitigated by Thursday’s passage of a waving cold front – it is on Thursday that thunderstorms will form in places. Another frontal system will pass over our territory at the weekend,” the meteorologist noted.

On Monday, it will be apparent to be partly cloudy, with transient to foggy conditions in the mountains in the north of the territory during the afternoon. The highest temperatures will be 26 to 30 °C.

On Tuesday, afternoon temperatures will already be subtropical. In Ústí nad Labem and Prague, the thermometer will show up to 35 °C. It will be clear. Afternoon temperatures are 31 to 35 °C.

Expect clear skies on Wednesday, with increasing clouds in the evening in the west. Morning temperatures of 17 to 13 °C. Daytime temperatures are 32 to 36 °C.

Thursday will be partly cloudy, with temporary to cloudy skies and occasional showers or thunderstorms during the day. Morning temperatures are 20 to 16 °C. Daytime temperatures will be 29 to 33 °C.

Friday will be partly cloudy, with passing to cloudy skies and isolated showers and thunderstorms during the day. Morning temperatures of 21 to 17 °C. Daytime temperatures are 27 to 31 °C.

Saturday will be partly cloudy with cloudy skies and occasional showers, rain, and thunderstorms during the day. Morning temperatures are 21 to 17 °C. Daytime temperatures are 28 to 32 °C.

Sunday will be cloudy with showers, showers, and thunderstorms in places. Morning temperatures are 19 to 15 °C. Daytime temperatures are 26 to 30 °C.