Temperatures will go down dramatically

While afternoon temperatures reached 15°C on Wednesday, they will cool down dramatically towards the end of the week, and we will return from pre-spring to winter. However, the cooling will only be temporary, meteorologist Dagmar Honsová said.

“After the cold front passes on Friday, cold air from the north will penetrate here, dropping temperatures by more than 10 °C,” Honsová said.

Cloudy to partly cloudy skies will prevail in the morning on Thursday, with partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. Precipitation will gradually start to appear in the afternoon. Temperatures will stay between 9 and 13 °C.

Friday will be cloudy to overcast, with rain or showers in some places and snow showers gradually starting at higher altitudes. Temperatures will drop to 7 to 3 °C in the morning and reach 8 to 12 °C in the afternoon.

Saturday will offer cloudy weather, with rain or snow in places. And temperatures will drop sharply. Morning lows will slide to 3 to -1 °C, and afternoon highs will also be in the -1 to 3 °C range. The exception will be southern Moravia, which could be around 6 °C. Fresh winds will also reduce the temperature.

The cold will continue on Sunday, when it should be mostly cloudy to partly cloudy, with snow showers in some places and morning lows between -1 and -5 °C. During the day, highs will reach -2 to 2 °C, and they may reach 4 °C in southern Moravia.

Monday should be partly cloudy, with snow showers in the mountains. Morning temperatures will reach -2 to -7 °C, with occasional lows of -9 °C. Daytime temperatures will remain between -2 and 2 °C.