Tens of meters from the tragedy: A Pendolino almost collapsed with a passenger train

Jaroslav Soukup

A Pendolino and a passenger train were running against each other on the line near Zábřeh in Moravia on Thursday morning, stopping several tens of meters apart.

The incident happened near Hoštejn at 8:46. “There was an unauthorised run of a Pendolino train from Bohumín to Mariánské Lázně and a passenger train going from Česká Třebová to Zábřeh na Moravě. The trains stopped several tens of meters apart,” Martin Drápal, spokesman for the Railway Inspectorate, said. 

According to him, there was no damage or injuries. The server zdopravy.cz reported that the fault was probably in the traffic control. Drápal did not want to comment on the cause of the incident, as inspectors are yet to investigate it.

Traffic is restricted on the corridor due to the investigation. According to Czech Railways, trains are running up to two hours late. Czech Railways said traffic had been restored on one track since 10:00.